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Skimeister Challenge

West River is excited to launch the 2023 SKIMEISTER Challenge! 
What is it you ask? It’s simple! For the winter season of 2022-2023 every day a 
West River Skier spends at least 30 minutes sliding on snow they mark their 
SKIMEISTER Calendar as ski day. The goal is to encourage the kids to get out 
and slide on snow as much as possible. Any day a West River skier has 
something strapped to their feet that slides on snow it is consider a ski day! 
Alpine skiing, snowboarding, XC skiing in back yard, XC practice, a race, it all 
counts! At our end of the year party we will recognize our top SKIMEISTERs of 
the year.  
How many days can our top SKIMEISTERs get? 50?  60?  75?! 
LET IT SNOW!!! Download the  SKIMEISTER CALENDAR for recording your days.

Click Link Below for Skimeister Calander

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